Recently, the situations, when teachers have faced with children cruel treatment, have become more frequent. The alleged cause of these incidents is students` report cards. The suggestion was confirmed by the research of the University of Florida (UF). The research team had found out that such cases increase on Fridays when report cards reach the students’ home.

The result of research of the University of Florida

Last year an NEA Higher Ed member Melissa Bright, one of UF research scientists, had some conversations with teachers and paediatricians who were confronted with the patient’s exposed mistreatment. From the dialogues, Melissa noticed it is true that after sending report cards the number of patients in health centres goes up. Besides, she got the information from educators about they could not stay to dispatch home report cards because they knew it reflected poorly on the atmosphere in certain families. After that researchers began looking for evidence.

Later, when all cases about sending report cards with students at home were cross-referenced with required dates, the team of researchers detected that these incidents happened mostly on Fridays and on Saturdays. However, when the documents on students’ achievements were sent earlier in the week, such situations were not found.

Reasons and proposals to address

The problem solving seems obvious – send report cards earlier in the week. Melissa Bright summed up, if it is really happening because of the day in the week, they indeed should change the day of report cards sending.

They also investigate facts which could the reasons.

Assumptions about what happens on Fridays:

  1. Salary day;
  2. Family meeting day;
  3. Pre-weekend day;
  4. The day of substance abuse, etc.

They are not sure which of these facts could be the real reason for the incidents.

Further, it is relevant to know what kind of information consist of these papers to understand the problem. Apart from grades, they contain as usual the information about student`s behaviour. Probably, because of the last reason, they became so grumpy and it leads to such consequences.

Bear that in mind, it can be concluded that it is meaningful to enhance the connection between school and home. It is necessary more serious involvement to suppress abusive treatment. Parents, as well as teachers, should do a great deal of work to help children reach success. They also should target it themselves as the main aim of their activity and do not forget about that.

At the moment, the local government of Florida actively pursues to teachers and parents to be on the same wavelength through teacher-home visits.